Our Farm

.The farm

Buttercliffe farm started as an empty plot of grassland in Bristol. Over the last 5 years it has developed into a thriving market garden, providing our restaurants with seasonal fruit and vegetables, heritage varieties, herbs and micro herbs.

Sustainably sourced

The farm plays an important role in our commitment to sustainability and lowering our carbon footprint. Farmer Tom and his dedicated team work throughout the year, come rain or shine, using the 'no dig' method, following only organic practices and striving to work to permaculture principles.  We proudly compost our own food waste, using our in-house aerobic digester. This produces nutrient rich fertilizer, which improves our soils. We have recently planted 3000 grapevines, with the view of providing our restaurants with our very own, locally produced wine in the not too distant future.

Having the ability to select what we grow, harvest it when it’s at its best and serve it within a few hours, is a chef’s dream.

.Sam Elliott, chef owner