Covid-19 Rules & Restaurant Changes

Rules to be aware of:

● All children count as a person in your party, Let us know if you need any extra space for a pram or high chair, otherwise we may not have the space to accommodate your group at a safe distance.

● Be certain you have booked for the correct amount of people. If you arrive with a larger party than you have booked for, it may not be possible for any extra guests to be accommodated.

● We have created a second dining area on our ground floor. Unfortunately you cannot request upstairs or downstairs.

● Be prompt on arrival. We will be stricter on vacating tables to ensure that all guests are accommodated equally and our team has enough time to thoroughly sanitise the table prior to the next guests arriving.

● You may have to queue outside the restaurant on arrival. We will have the pavement marked to make this clear

● You will be led to your table by a member of staff keeping left on the stairs if used

● Children are your responsibility and should remain seated at all times, unless guided by

an adult to an area such as the toilet or outside.

● If children are not under suitable supervision and compromising social distancing, your party may be asked to leave the restaurant

● There will be no bar service – all guests will be sat at their allocated table with drinks orders taken at the table and then delivered to the table by a server.

● If you see someone else that you know dining on a separate table, please do not go and see them, you are required to remain seated at your own table.

● Toilets will be limited to 3 people at a time, please be aware that you may need to queue at peak times to ensure social distancing.

What we have changed:

● Tables have been removed, and space between tables increased to 1 metre plus at least.

● We have converted our ground floor bar area into a restaurant to allow for safer distance between tables.

● All members of staff will be abiding by new risk assessments which will ensure that our entire venue is COVID-secure for our guests and staff.

● Thorough and focused staff training on COVID-secure service procedures.

● Extra management presence to ensure all procedures and rules are being met by guests and staff members.

What we will be doing differently while you are here.

● Disposable menus for each guest to be used only once and then take home if desired.

● Sanitising card machines after each use.

● Regular sanitation of tills during service.

● A full drinks list will be available to view on our website via a QR code on the menu.

● One server per table, with a manager supporting with limited contact.

● Staff have personal sanitiser bottles on their person at all times.

● Servers will be sanitising their hands after every contact and before delivering items to the table.

● Servers will stand a metre from your table at all times where possible. When this cannot be avoided, such as delivering food or drinks, time spent at the table will be kept to a minimum.

● Condiments will be single serve with all ramekins cleaned after each use.

● Servers will explain to you how they will be working in a COVID-secure way to ensure that any risk to guests is minimised in accordance with our new procedures.