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Sous Chef

Sous Chef

We are looking for a Sous chef to join our strong team at Pasture.

As a Sous chef, you will assist the Head Chef in maintaining the highest standards of food, service and leadership. You will create seasonal dishes using local produce from our suppliers. On top of this you will need to place orders and keep the kitchen organised, whilst supervising stock control both incoming and outgoing as well as ordering. Finally, you will need to have a strong and resilient personality that can stay focused and handle a busy service at a very high standard.

In return, we hope that you will learn with us to help develop your career and knowledge. There will be an opportunity to work with great produce from local suppliers and to work within a creative team that can help build ideas together. There will also be a clear path for an opportunity to progress further within the company in this role.

Pasture restaurant is a celebration of fire-based cooking using incredible local ingredients as previously mentioned, predominantly cooked over charcoal and wood. We will have an in-house butcher that handpicks and prepares the very best meat from farms in the south-west using only pasture-fed, native breed cattle, which our kitchen team use to cook beautiful modern dishes. The menu is unique containing a range of dishes that don’t restrict cooking to one cuisine and involve multiple cooking techniques.

This is the perfect opportunity for someone driven who will have the chance to be a part of opening a new restaurant and with it the possibility to grow into future roles within the company. It is also a restaurant where you can help to contribute towards future menus that will be changing throughout the year and give you the freedom to have a bit of your own personality within the menu.

Ideally to have at least 2 years experience as a sous chef in a well-established restaurant. To be able to create seasonal dishes. Be capable of working as a part of a large team and have a positive energy that benefits the kitchen. Plus, knowledge of GP and stock control is desirable.

Salary: £30,000.00-£34,000.00 per year

Pasture, Cardiff

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