We are looking for an in house Butcher to join our team in Bristol, Pasture.

This is the perfect job for a qualified butcher who is looking for experience in a Restaurant or for a strong chef that is looking to broaden their horizon and become a skilled butcher. We believe we can help either of these people to get stuck into a new challenge and they can improve their skills as we grow together as a team.

Your responsibilities as the in house butcher would always begin with the breaking down and preparation of different cuts of meat for service everyday. Following on from this you would then be responsible and work along side the kitchen team to help utilise all excess trim in a variety of different ways. You would also be in charge of the organisation of both the meat prep display fridge and the on show walk in dry age fridge which will both be on show to the whole restaurant. Following this you would then help the kitchen with a number of various jobs depending on what is needed on that day and consequently touching on different techniques such as fermentation, curing and charcuterie.

Your working hours would consist of 5 days a week, working around 8-4 everyday. You will have Sunday and Monday off every week (although we can be flexible with this depending on your preferences)

As you can see this role has a wide spectrum of responsibilities and is great for someone looking for a change or after a new challenge.

Pasture restaurant is a celebration of fire-based cooking using incredible local ingredients as previously mentioned, predominantly cooked over charcoal and wood. We will have an in-house butcher that handpicks and prepares the very best meat from farms in the south-west using only pasture-fed, native breed cattle, which our kitchen team use to cook beautiful modern dishes. The menu is unique containing a range of dishes that don’t restrict cooking to one cuisine and involve multiple cooking techniques.

This is the perfect opportunity for someone driven who will have the chance to be a part of opening a new restaurant and with it the possibility to grow into future roles within the company. It is also a restaurant where you can help to contribute towards future menus that will be changing throughout the year and give you the freedom to have a bit of your own personality within the menu.

Required Education/ Skills and Qualifications

Ideally to have worked as a butcher for a number of years and know how to break down half beasts as well as having experience in curing and charcuterie. However as previously mentioned this could also be a good role for a strong chef who is looking to gain experience in a different area and we will be able to provide training in all the necessary areas.

You would also need to be capable of working as a part of a large team and have a positive energy that benefits the kitchen.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: £10.00-£12.00 per hours